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version 4.60.2 (database version 1.154) - 05/25/2005

Official Release Notes for V4.6.02 of Aphelion

o Billing: When applying payments, added the ability to filter the payments to apply based on payment category selections.

o Billing: As of this update, the program now store billing corrections in the decline history, as processed by the billing 'Declines' utility. Decline-related displays and reports have been updated to reflect the addition of correction entries, where appropriate. Two new corresponding member 'query wizard' expressions were added to support billing return correction entries: 'Last Correction Date' and 'Last Correction Code'.

o Billing: Fixed bug - when generating non-simplified format billing statements, the program would print the receipt number using a format intended for date fields, producing confusing results.

o Billing: Fixed bug - adjusted the Telecheck draft billing format to include the entire 8 digit client ID in the 'footer' record (from the old 4 character client ID length). This increases the position of all of the characters following the client ID on the footer line by 4.

o Data Entry: fixed bug - the employee access switch for configuring point of sale buttons was not being enforced.

o Front Counter: Fixed bug - the member selection dialog in the front counter module did not consider the status ending date when evaluating and displaying a member's current status. As a result this dialog could display the incorrect current status; however, when the member was selected for the check-in screen, the program would always evaluate the current status properly.

o General: Added a function that allows transferring a payment from one member to another. This is accessible from the dialog displaying a specific member's payment history. Within that screen, highlight the payment of interest, right click and select the 'Transfer Payment to new Member' menu item. This function requires employee access to the setting labeled 'Change Invoice/Payment information'.

o General: Fixed bug - when capturing a member image using a twain interface with the option set to display the 'device user interface', the device interface would not appear in the topmost window. This regression, introduced in version 4.60, is now corrected.

o General: Added an improved locker management system. This new feature is based on the locker management implementation that was already in-place in the web-based Aphelion front office. The new system allows creating a list of lockers. A locker entry includes the following attributes:

- A 'locker number' of up to 25 alpha-numeric characters
- A location (club designation); the combination of a locker number and location must be unique
- An 'Area' value, set from a configured list of locker areas
- A 'Type' value, set from a configured list of locker types (typically used for locker size designations)
- A default locker pricing setting of 'Recurring' or 'PIF' (Paid in full)
- Associated default prices for recurring and PIF pricing; the recurring amount is based on a monthly frequency

From with-in the main menu of the Data Entry module, lockers can be configured by selecting the 'Data Entry' and 'Lockers' menu. This menu can also be activated by pressing the Alt-K key (except when the member browse is open, in which case this brings up locker rental history for the highlighted member). This 'Locker Administration' function allows adding and editing individual locker entries as well as 'bulk' adding a set of lockers with a common, optional locker number prefix followed by a numeric range of lock numbers. From within this dialog, it is also possible to examine a complete list of locker rentals, which can by filtered by club, area, type, and whether a rental is active on a specified date.

From Data Entry, within the 'Browse Members' window, you can display the highlighted member's locker assignments by selecting the 'View' and 'Locker' menu entry (or by pressing Alt-K). This displays both active and inactive locker rentals. A locker rental includes the following attributes:

- The associated member
- The associated locker
- A starting date (a required value)
- An ending date
- A checkbox indicating there is no specified ending date (the ending date is required unless this checkbox is checked)
- A 'Charge Type' specification of whether the rental charges are recurring or paid in full.
- An associated amount
- A free form 'notes' field

When a new locker rental is created, and a non-zero amount is specified, charges are created based on the 'Charge Type' setting. Recurring charges are added to the member's recurring dues and use a 'Locker Service' entry that is set within the Configuration module, under the following menu entry: 'member' and 'Service defaults'. Please note that this setting must be configured or the program will not allow you to create any new locker rentals. Upon completing a new locker rental entry with a non-zero recurring amount, the program will examine the member's current dues charges for the locker-associated dues service and prompt the operator to accept the new locker rental and display the current and resulting dues charges. If instead, a paid in full 'Charge Type' is specified, the program will prompt for approval of an added invoice created for the paid-in-full amount. This invoice will have a single line item, associated with the locker service. Appropriate taxes will be added, based on the taxes associated with the locker service and the club location associated with the locker.

When editing an existing locker rental entry, the 'Charge Type' and charge values can not be edited. If you make an error creating charges for a locker rental, you should manually make the charge adjustments by directly editing the member's recurring dues or adjusting the account charges as is appropriate. While you can not delete a locker rental entry, you can 'Release' the locker. If an 'active' locker rental is released, the locker is available for rental again. A currently active locker is within the start and ending dates associated with the locker rental, and can not be rented again during that period, unless it has been released. The system allows a single member to have multiple active locker rentals at one time.

Several query wizard expressions are available related to lockers. Two previous expressions available in earlier versions, 'Locker #' and 'Locker Expires', are still supported, but now key off of the new locker data. Because a member can have more then one locker history entry, the program returns the values associated with the member's locker rental that has the preferences of (1) an 'active' rental, (2) with the latest expiration date, and (3) the earliest starting date. These preferences only apply in the case where a member has more then one active locker rental. A new query expression, 'Locker Rentals', returns the number of currently active locker rentals for a member. You can use this expression, for instance to find any members with current locker rentals ('Locker Rentals' greater then 0).

Within the Reports module, the single locker-related report: 'Members with Expired Lockers', has been rewritten to use the new locker data. This report, and a new report labeled “Assigned Lockers�, is now under the sub-menu of 'Members' and 'Lockers'. The 'Assigned Lockers' report allows printing the active locker rentals as of a specified date and can optionally be limited a specified club, locker area and type. A utility has been added to the Reports module to purge inactive locker rental history, under the menu of 'Utilities', 'Purge' and 'Locker Rental History'.

Conversion of 'legacy' locker values
Previous versions simply had 2 locker fields, locker number and expiration date, within the customer records. In the new version, these 'legacy' locker fields are no longer visible. Database updates to this new version will automatically convert any pre-existing values in these fields to the new locker management scheme if there are no existing locker entries for the new management system in the database (any desktop-only clients with customer locker entries will result in converted locker data; clients already using the web-based locker system with populated locker data will not have any changes to the locker-related data). The automatic conversion will pull over all locker data as locker assignments where the start date is set from the member join date, the end date is set from the locker expiration date (or to 'Open End' if no expiration date is set). The 'Charge Type' will be set to 'Paid In Full' with a zero associated amount. The new created locker entries will be associated with a 'Facility' locker area and a 'Regular' locker type. The converted locker's location is based on the member's home club. If an existing service has 'locker' in its description, the conversion configures this as the locker-associated service. Otherwise, to use the new locker management system, this service association must be set manually.

o Member Services: Added support for processing customer change requests for 'Title' field.

o Reports: Added new report, 'Attendance by Class', under the menu of 'Products', 'Classes', and 'Attendance by Class'. This report lists member attendance by class over a range of dates.

o Reports: The 'Sales by Product' report's export to file has been modified from a summary export (totals for each product) to a detailed export closely matching the report's printed output.

o Reports: Utility to post late fees now adds taxes to the late fee, when appropriate, based on tax settings for selected fee product and tax rates for the member's home club.

o Reports: Fixed bug - the martial arts-related field of 'Ready for Promotion', when included in the memorized member report output, would report an error.

o Sales: Added a new report summarizing contract counts by membership plan and club, under the menu item of 'Reports' and 'Membership Plan Statistics'.

o Sales: Fixed bug - the utility function to 'Purge Old Contracts' did not work in prior V4 releases. The utility now provides a count of the number of contracts that will be deleted as part of the confirmation to perform the purge. In addition, an option was added to include purging 'rejected' contracts.

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