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Version 4.51b (database version 1.143) - 02/09/2005

Official Release Notes for V4.51b of Aphelion

o Billing: Added preliminary support for the BACS bank draft format. This also includes support for generating pre-notification files (also known as 'Direct Debit Instructions') and for processing BACS return files. This format has been labeled as 'BACSTEL' to distinguish it from the closely related BACS Europe and WinBACS formats.

o Billing: Enhanced logic to back out billing events by adding specific support for rolling back prenotification events. The logic now sets the prenotification flags back on for any members included in the event.

o Contract: Enhanced process of voiding a contract and removed old 'Delete' contract function. The new contract 'Void' function allows the operator to optionally void contract-related invoices, or contract invoices and down payments. Also there is an option to cancel all members on the contract by setting the member contract expiration dates and adding a termination status.

o Data Entry: When editing prospect records with the main editor function, if the prospect is set to be billed to another member/prospect, the 'Responsibility' tab is displayed. This tab is also displayed for prospects responsible for other member's/prospect's billing.

o Front Counter: Added check-in alert on account responsible party account balance. This is only tested when the check-in member does not have a balance alert. Also, added a new configuration switch that allows disabling the check-in balance alert where the account-responsible party for the check-in member has a balance and the billing relationship is 'Organizational'. The setting for this behavior is in the Configuration module under the menu of 'Corporate' and 'Check-in Alerts'.

o Front Counter: Fixed bug - When displaying 'All Check-ins', on the 'Today's Check-ins' list on the Check-in screen, the list would only display check-ins into a club number of 1 instead of the 'home club'. In case where the home club is assigned a different club number then 1, no check-ins would display.

o General: Add support for a new 'Title' field for the customer entries. This field can be edited both in the general member editing as well as using the 'quick-add' editing screen. It is also supported in the customer 'query wizard' function as well as in the Reports module's customer 'report' and 'spreadsheet' wizard utilities. Also, the title field can be included in the member name as printed on labels within the Reports module.

o General: Added ability to print a summary of an individual invoice from a member's 'Invoice History' display.

o General: When fingerprint verification is used and configured as required, the corresponding override function, which is called if the logged-in attendant lacks sufficient access rights, now also prompts for fingerprint verification.

o General: Increased maximum allowed length of employee barcode and password values to 14 characters each.

o General: The document scanning capability now provides more control over the scanning properties including the ability to perform 'duplex' scans (if the hardware facilitates it).

o General: Added support for validating new credit card type: 'Indonesia BCA'.

o Member Services: Added support for processing change requests for member date of birth. Also added support for processing effective and ending dates for status change requests.

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