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Version 4.51 (database version 1.135) - 11/30/2004

Official Release Notes for V4.51 of Aphelion

o Billing: The 'Apply Open Payments' function can now optionally apply credit memos. In addition, the input filter conditions are now more flexible and include specifying start and ending date criteria for the relevant date fields. Finally, it is expected that the new implementation will be much faster when large number of transactions need to be applied.

o Billing: The 'summary' reports within the billing pre-process and billing history screens now use consistent methods of calculating the charge aging within the aging sub-reports. Both now base the aging against the date the billing is/was processed.

Previously, the pre-process based report used the billing setting's input date which specified the cut-off due date for included charges. The history based report previously used the individual invoice's system date when the invoices were added.

o Billing: When exporting draft transactions for the Aphelion format, exported values are now tested for any non-standard characters. Which characters are illegal vary by field type, but all extended ascii characters are not allowed. The new logic does not reject the billing entries, but instead substitutes characters (typically spaces) for any illegal characters.

o Billing: For Moneris credit card billing format, changed formatting to ensure commas are not embedded in the billed amount field.

o Billing: Fixed bug - The 'Transaction Type' field included in the BACS bank draft billing formats was reversed for debit situations. If there is any billing history present for the member with the same sort code and account number, the Transaction Type is now properly set to 17 ('Direct Debit'); otherwise it is set to 01 ('First Payment Direct Debit').

o Billing: Changed ordering of fields in WinBACs bank draft export.

o Billing: Added preliminary support for the 'Standard for Canadian Payment Transaction Processing (SCP)' credit card billing format.

o Billing: Fixed bug - the bank draft billing export for the Canadian Royal Bank was not populating the 'Client Number' value. If you are using this billing format, please verify your 'Client Number' value is properly specified in Configuration within your Financial Account settings.

o Billing: Fixed bug - In Bumiputra bank draft format, the calculated hash total field now properly includes contributions from the sum of the drafted members' bank account numbers.

o Billing: Added an option when 'duplicating' draft billing file, to allow the program to take the member account values (bank account, route number, credit card number) from either the values stored in teh billing history or from the current values associated with the billed members. Previously, the program would always take these values directly from the member records.

o Configuration: Can now specify some restrictions on scheduling appointments on a membership type basis. This only applied to appointments created using the web-based interface.

o Data Entry: When adding a 'family' member, the billing name value is retained from the 'parent' record.

o Data Entry: Fixed bug - corrected recent regression where the member join date was set to the current date when converting a member to collections.

o Data Entry: Fixed bug - the 'Find Invoices' function incorrectly applied the 'post date: date criteria in filtering against dues dates rather then the due date-specific criteria.

o Data Exchange: Re-implemented the member 'Third Party/Export to Collections' utility to improve performance. The exported fields are now different as well.

o Expert: Some Expert module-specific data initialization issues have been addressed. Also, the 'subscriptions' feature has been removed.

o Front Counter: Added a new option for configurable check-in fields: 'Count of YTD Check-ins'. If selected, this will display a count of allowed check-ins at all locations from the start of the year, for the current check-in member.

o Front Counter: In check-in screen, improved performance of pulling up check-in options for members with a significant amount of visit and personal training history.

o Front Counter: Fixed bug - when searching for member in check-in and point-of-sale areas, lookup using 'touchscreen keyboard' did not work.

o Front Counter: Gift Card information display now shows expiration date for gift card, if applicable.

o Front Counter: When displaying check-in options for a member, the program no longer includes visit/training products where the member has a negative balance.

o General: Added 'Tour Completed' as a member query wizard field.

o General: Added a new customer mail merge keyword: @Cell Phone@.

o General: Fixed bug - with multiple tax types configured for a single product, under some unusual circumstances, taxes would not be displayed for all tax types.

o General: Added support for 'Postcode Anywhere' service which can be used to perform postcode lookups for the United Kingdom. The feature only appears when your Windows regional settings are set to the United Kingdom. Using this feature requires a Postcode Anywhere account. See http://www.postcodeanywhere.co.uk/ for more information on this service.

o Marketing: Fixed bug - When editing a prospect record and navigating between notes, the note actions were not displayed properly.

o Marketing: Fixed bug - some clients were receiving a '37000' error message when adding prospect notes in this module.

o Reports: The 'Open Invoices by Member' report has been rewritten to improve performance. The report options now include applying the 'standard' member filters and setting member tags. Any applied club filtering in the report now is applied against members; previously the club filtering in this report was applied against the club assigned to invoices.

o Reports: Added new report which totals inventory restocking 'adjustments' by product for a given range of dates. The report is available under the menu of 'Products/Inventory/Adjustments Summary'

o Reports: Fixed bug - 'Discounted Sales' report would not return expected results or report an error if 'On-sale items' input option was not checked.

o Reports: Fixed bug - 'Payments by Club' report displayed incorrect values for current status, balance and attendant.

o Reports: Fixed bug - 'Member Zipcode Distribution' report would produce and error when some filter conditions were applied.

o Sales: Added a new level of service add-on pricing to membership plans to apply to family members after the primary member and first family members are added. The new plan pricing values will initially be defaulted from the pricing for the first family member, so no changes are required to existing plans to retain the pricing that was in effect before this addition was made.

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