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Version 4.50 (database version 1.128) - 08/04/2004

Official Release Notes for V4.50 of Aphelion

o Billing: Summary report in dues posting preview now includes tax contributions.

Billing: Fixed bug - Summary report in dues posting preview could reflect additional dues entries which were not included in dues posting.

oo Billing: Added a setting to control which's club information (name, address, etc.) is included when generating statements. The initial value for this setting in updated billing presets will reflect the rules which were in-place before this feature was added (when there are multiple clubs included in preset, the program would use the 'home' location; when there is a single club involved, it use that specified club, which in the updated presets is configured as 'member's home club').

o Billing: Added new settings to allow controlling the 'heading' printed on 'plain paper' formatted billing statements. Earlier versions did not allow any control over the heading printed at the top of the statement. This was always printed as the club name followed by ' Statement'. This update adds 2 new settings provided on billing setting's 'Messages' tab, when the billing format is set for statements. These new settings are designed to provide exact compatibility with how prior versions printed statements. A checkbox set labeled 'Preface with name of Club' determines whether the programatically-determined club name is printed at the beginning of the heading. An entry field, which is defaulted with 'Statement' allow determining the text which follows the optional club name.

The new settings are also provided for print 'plain paper' decline notification statements.

o Billing: The facility to print statements for members with $0 billing balances is now available in V4 and is based on an input setting checkbox. When the 'Generate statements for members with Zero balances' setting is checked, the billing program will generate print or email statements for any member that passes the member filter settings and has a $0 billed balance.

o Billing: The posting of NSF fees when processing declines, which is driven by the configured decline reason settings, can now be optionally turned off in the decline process settings.

o Billing: Added support for new SportingPulse bank and credit draft billing format. The format includes support for generating bank draft prenotifications.

o Billing: Added new 'Insurance Billing' function, currently implemented specific to Medica and HealthPartners insurance providers. The new utility is under the menu item of 'Run' and 'Insurance Billing'. The utility allows selecting a set of members, based on group, club and status selections. to be elligible for insurance credits. Elligible members qualify for these benefits based on specification of a minimum number of check-ins during a range of dates. The utility produces a file to be forwarded to the supported providers, based on their specifications. It also can optionally post payment and credit memos to the qualified member accounts and writes entries into member billing history reflecting any posted payments.

o Billing: Add a new summary report which can be printed from the display of billing events history for an individual event. This report is very similar to the summary report which can be printed from the billing preview when processing a new billing, and summarizes the billing based on various criteria including charges the billing is posted against (draft billings only), membership type, etc.

o Billing: The billing module no longer allows generating dues postings, decline notifications, or billings for members associated with clubs marked as 'inactive'.

o Configuration: The selection of billing formats is now more flexible as 'combined' formats, which combine the processing of both bank and credit card drafts, can be selected independently for bank and credit card drafts. For example, you can now use a combined format for bank drafts only and a credit card-only format for credit cards.

o Configuration: You can now specify up to COM port 4 for all supported serial port hardware devices.

o Configuration: Added a new setting to determine if a 'caution' alert should be generated on a check-in by a prospect, when in attended or monitored mode. Previously, the program would always alert on this condition. The new setting is editable under the menu item of 'Corporate/Check-in Alerts'. The value gets defaulted to issue the alert, consistent with prior program behavior.

o Configuration: Added a new setting to determine if prospects are allowed to place proshop sales 'on-account'. Previously, the program would always alert the attendant if the customer was a prospect, and prompt whether the on-account sale should be allowed. Now, based on configured value, the on-account option is either disabled or no alert is issued. The new setting is editable under the menu item of 'Corporate/General Information' and is located on the 'Proshop' tab. The value gets defaulted to disallow on-account sales to prospects.

o Data Entry: Added a new utility to perform quick entry of invoices for multiple members. The utility appears under the menu of 'Data Entry/Account/Invoices batch entry'.

o Data Entry: Added the ability to specify a payment schedule in the 'Batch Invoice' function. Previously, this function was limited to posting a single charge.

o Data Entry: Added the capability to delete member training and visits units, within the dialog that allows examining an individual member's visit and training units. The delete action uses the same security switch as the 'update' visits/training function already uses.

o Data Entry: Added support for scanning bank checks with a MICR reader for quick data entry of member bank account and bank route.

o Data Entry: Add the capability to email employees. Emails can be sent in 2 ways:

(1) For the selected employee in the Employee browse. To activate the email dialog, either press Alt-M or right click over the employee list and select the email option from the popup menu.

(2) For a tagged set of employees, using the menu item under 'Data Entry' and 'Email Employees'. You will be prompted for your email settings and then to select the employees to include. A separate utility is available in Data Entry to tag employees based on a query.

In both cases, you can use mail merge fields to customize the email message for the recipients. Merge fields are surrounded the '@' characters. The following merge fields are currently supported for employees:

@Address 2@
@Barcode ID@
@Barcode ID Label@
@Club #@
@Date of Birth@
@Emergency Phone@
@Emergency Contact@
@First Name@
@Hire Date@
@Home Phone@
@Last Name@

An example of an email containing some merge fields is:
Dear @First Name@,

Our records show that in the case of an emergency we can contact @Emergency Contact@ at @Emergency Phone@. Please check with the personnel coordinator if this information is in error.

The Manager

o Data Exchange: Fixed bug - the 'QuickBooks' export function did not perform any filtering by club. The corrected implementation filters using the transaction 'assigned' club number values.

o Data Exchange: Added support for 'email' field to employee export and import.

o Data Exchange: Added support for 'cell phone' field to member export and import.

o Front Counter: In the point of sale, no longer open cash drawer for $0 sales.

o Front Counter: Added preliminary support for controlling tanning beds using the T-Max hardware from ADNET 2000. Tanning beds can be either started manually (select the 'Areas/Tanning Beds...' menu item) or can be performed as part of a member check-in.

To associate starting a tanning bed with a member check-in, you must set the new service product property that indicates to 'activate tanning bed on check-in'. Each service also allows specifying the number of minutes to activate the tanning bed for. If the check-in is a visit-type check-in, the minutes specification will be fixed per visit unit. If the check-in is a regular-type check-in, the number of minutes is editable at the time of check-in and defaulted from the service's setting.

The tanning check-in is only available when the check-in screen is in attended mode. If the check-in is applied to a service associated with tanning, a dialog is displayed which includes a list of available tanning beds and their current status (ready, operating, dirty, etc.). The operator can then select a bed from the list to start. Canceling this dialog cancels the check-in (in the case of a visit check-in, then the visits would not be consumed).

o General: The utility program which provides support for backup, restores and other database operations has been renamed to 'DbUtil' from 'DbBackup'.

o General: Added a new customer field, labeled 'Display As', which is now used as the primary way of displaying the name of a customer. This field defaults to ', ', but can be directly edited when editing a member record from the main customer browse in the Data Entry module. The field is also now used as the primary way to look up a member by name (rather then by 'last name' or 'last name, first name').

o General: Added new member form letter keyword, @Display As@, to list the member 'Display As' name field.

o General: Added a new customer mail merge keyword: @Billed Dues Total@. This keyword get replaced the total amount of recurring dues services a member would get billed for, including any taxes. It includes any 'active' recurring dues services originating from other members that are billed to the member of interest and applies any limits or percentages which are included in the billing relationship. The calculated value does not consider next dues posting dates, member status, or any other member 'filter' criteria.

o General: Added new customer fields: 'Insurance ID' and 'Insurance Registration Date', in support of new Medica insurance billing feature.

o General: Added new 'group #' and 'insurance provider' fields to member groups. This is primarily intended to support the new insurance billing capability. The combination of a (non-blank) group number and an insurance provider must be unique within the member groups.

o General: Added support for handling multiple pages of departments and items in POS buttons.

o General: Implemented some minor changes in printed contents of the strip receipt, to accommodate the Visa requirements for card-present receipts. When the transaction involves a credit card purchase which is transmitted via Fitness Manager, the customer's address information is no longer printed. Also, now print the club (merchant) address and phone information on strip receipts for all types of transactions.

o General: Implemented support for gift cards. This feature requires setup within the Configuration module under the menu item of 'Accounting/Gift Cards'. Gift cards should be assigned a unique identifier (a 14 digit entry, referred to as a 'Gift Card ID') and their value is tracked based on this identifier. When a gift card is initially sold, it is assigned an initial value. By re-selling ('reloading') a gift card with the same ID, an additional value is added to the balance. The added value is always based on the sales price, but the added value can be over-ridden based on the security setting on the 'POS' tab labeled 'Manually adjust product price'.

The front counter point of sale allows accepting a gift card as a form of payment. If the sale represents a regular sale (as opposed to a refund) and the gift card payment option is selected, it requires specifying an already-assigned gift card ID and limits the amount of payment via the gift card to the gift card's current value. If the sale is for a refund, either a new or an existing gift card ID can be specified, and the card's value will be increased by the amount of the refund. The front counter also allows display the current balance and transaction history for any gift card using the menu item of 'Areas/Gift Card lookup'.

Fitness Manager offer several options to limit the 'life' of a gift card. Gift cards can optionally be assigned a fixed expiration date based on a specified number of months from the card's issue. This option is set up within the gift card setup with the Configuration module. If a gift card is reloaded, and the expiration option is configured, the expiration date is extended. With expiration dates assigned to gift cards, their value reverts to zero when the expiration date is passed.

Service charges can be manually placed against gift cards in a batch mode, using a utility in the Reports module, under the menu item of 'Utilities/Accounting/Apply Gift Card service charges'. This utility allows filtering on the gift cards' initial issue date and optionally on their last usage date. Balances can be reduced by either a fixed charge or the cards' remaining value. The reports module also includes a number of gift card specific reports, under the 'Products/Gift Cards' and 'Account/Balance Sheet' menus.

o General: Added new 2 customer-based query wizard expressions: 'Join Date Month' and 'Join Date Year'. For example, this could be used to isolate members who joined in a specific month of any year.

o General: Added support for new customer query wizard expression: 'Last Note Action'. This expression returns the name of the action associated with the customer's most recently entered note.

o General: No longer maximize the application background frames, as this is very unfriendly for dual monitor systems. All the application frames now remember their size and positioning (on a per-station basis) between sessions. Most of the window positioning information is now saved to a database table rather then local INI files.

o General: Added a function from within the 'Member Account Status' display to transfer account transactions from the current member to a different member. The function allow selecting whether payments, invoices and charges are included in the transfer. The new function can be accessed from the popup menu that is activated by right clicking anywhere within on the account status dialog.

o General: Added some logic to improve performance of calculating metered units (training and visit) balances.

o General: The implementation of the 'integrated' mail merge using Microsoft Word has been updated for greater speed and reliability.

o General: The implementation of the 'integrated' mail merge using Microsoft Word has been updated for greater speed and reliability.

o General: When creating a credit memo and refunding the amount via a credit card payment, the program now prompts to transmit the refund if the transmission of credit card payments is configured.

o Member Services: Added back office support for processing web-submitted 'Trainer ID' member change requests.

o Reports: Modified 'Accounting Snapshot' report. The report previously considered the cancellation date of cancelled payments and voided invoices as to whether the transaction was included in the reports results. If the cancellation was after the specified 'as of' date, the transaction effected the report results. In this revision, cancelled transaction are not included in the report, regardless of the cancellation date.

o Reports: Re-wrote 'Sales by Salesperson (Cash method)' report to improve performance.

o Reports: Re-wrote member check-ins 'Totals by Area' report and added option to export results to file.

o Reports: Reorganized some of the products-related reports under the 'Products' menu item. Previously there were separate report menus for 'Inventory', 'Training', and 'Classes (under the 'Members' menu) and these are now all grouped under the 'Products' menu item. In addition, a few of the report have been relabeled to use the 'products' term rather then 'items' or 'inventory' when they are not specific to the inventory product type.

o Reports: 'Value of Inventory' report now reflects last cost based on the end of the report's date range rather then on the most current cost entry.

o Reports: Fixed bug - The (product) 'Sales by Member' report no longer includes tax entries.

o Reports: Fixed bug - the summary version of the 'Check-in History by Member' reported incorrected totals.

o Reports: Fixed several bugs in the 'Monthly Totals' report: the 'Account Bal' and 'Rec. Dues' columns were reversed and the 'Avg. Dues: column incorrectly was an average of the dues and account balances, rather then just the dues amounts.

o Reports: In 'Sales Summary' report, now split out payments received subtotals by 'Returns/Declines' (negative payments) and 'Payments' (positive payments).

o Reports: In 'Sales Summary' report, added a section related to voided invoices.

o Reports: Add a summary option to the 'Check-in History by Member' report, and support for exporting both detailed and summary versions of the results to a delimited file.

o Reports: Added an option to 'Members with Remaining Visit Units' and 'Members with Remaining Personal Training Units' reports which will print information for individual memebrs on separate pages.

o Reports: 'Discounted Sales' report now allows grouping results by product, attendant or discount type and includes subtotals.

o Reports: Added a '% of Total Revenue' column to the 'Cost of Goods Sold' report, which reflects the revenue for an individual report detail divided by the total revenue sum for the report. Also replaced the '% of Total Margin' report column with '% Margin/COGS'. Thsi replacement value is calculated by taking the report item's margin amount divided by the item's cost of goods sold amount.

o Reports: The utility to apply late fees now allows specifying date ranges, to limit included transactions, against both the charge due dates and invoice post dates.

o Reports: Utility to print coupons now allows editing the return address, which the program allows defaulting from any of the club address values.

o Reports: Added a utility to remove member training/visits unit records that were created up to a specified date. The utility only removes entries that are completely 'depleted' and will not effect a member's visit balances. The function can be accessed under the menu item of 'Utilities/Purge/Visit and Training Units'.

o Sales: Replaced the 'Contracts Browse' screen used to display contracts and to select contracts for approval with a new implementation. The new version does not initially display an records, but rather provides number of filtering criteria which can be set to limit the displayed contracts. The new list has much more functionality and is much mroe responsive, particularly if a large number of contracts are present in a database.

o Sales: Fixed bug - When selecting service add-ons during a contract sale and displaying a multi-page list of add-ons, the list would not always properly scroll.

o Sales: Fixed bug - the contract mail merge replacement values for the '@CONT:Amount Financed@' and '@CONT:Total Payments@' fields were not always calculated properly under some scenarios.

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