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Version 4.14d (database version 1.109) - 01/12/2004

Official Release Notes for V4.14d of Aphelion

o Billing: Previously members marked as 'Do not mail to this member' were automatically excluded from generated printed billing statements. This behavior has now been changed, where instead there is an in input in the statement billing preset which determines if 'excluded for mailing' members are included in the billing or not. The same logic change also applies to printed decline notifications.

o Billing: Tagging utility now includes support for setting and un-setting new customer 'address is invalid' checkbox when processing notification returns and resolving notification returns.

o Billing: Updated the 'PC Charge Pro' credit card billing format from the '107' format to the '108' format. This adds the card member name field to the file output.

o Billing: Added preliminary support for new credit card draft billing format for Taishin Bank (Taiwan).

o Billing: Billing returns preview now provides more detail on status changes that will be applied on processing the returns.

o Billing: Fixed bug - added error handling to insure dues are properly posted in the highly unusual situation where the system does not have any next receipt number configured.

o Billing: Added support for generating email-based statements.

o Billing: Added support for 'BACS Access Europe' bank draft billing format.

o Billing: Added preliminary support for a new credit card draft format, CardFAST, used in Australia. Support has also been implemented for handling return files in this format.

o Billing: Added some additional options to the billing comparison reports. A new report allows comparing changes between 2 billings (or the current billing preview and a prior event) in billing fields for members common to both events. The billing-information related changes which can be checked for include billing form of payment, bank route and account, and credit card number.

Also, the updated comparison reports allow applying the 'standard member filters' to limit the members included in the results. Because this option was added, the report which listed member amount changes for a specific club is no longer needed and has been removed.

o Billing: Fixed bug - when adding new status entries, the declines processing did not conditionally set the status ending date based on decline reason if a non-zero value was specified for status 'effective days'. The behavior was omitted when returns processing was rewritten to improve performance for release 4.14.

o Billing: Fixed bug - The 'Due Message' field in statement billing presets would accept up to 20 characters, but produce an error if more than 12 characters were entered.

o Billing: Fixed bug - under some very unusual circumstances, the billing summaries report could display incorrect values. Also, now properly sort the 'aging' sub-report details in increasing aging order.

o Configuration: Under the menu item of 'Corporate' and 'Default settings', the program allows specifying the 'format' to use for editing phone numbers, zip/postal codes and some other fields. If you have pre-existing data entered, and you switch formats, this can cause the 'formatted' data to display improperly when attempting to edit it. There is now a button on that screen which will update any already stored phone and zipcode values to match the selected format, avoiding this issue.

o Configuration: Added a new configuration setting to limit the maximum guest period which can be set when adding a guest/prospect. This is under the menu item of 'Member' and 'Prospect defaults'. This field will be initially set based on the existing setting for 'default guest period'.

o Data Entry: When viewing product list, can now filter display results based on products which are active at a specified club. The club is selected from a combo box on the product browse and a check box indicates whether to limit the list based on the selected club. The selected club also drives a few features within the product editing. Within the product sales and restocking views, a checkbox allows filtering these results based on that club. When adding new restocking entries, the selected club is used as the default for the club to assign the new restocking to.

o Data Entry: Added a button to delete all enrollments for a class within the dialog that allows viewing class enrollments.

o Data Entry: Fixed bug - an error is now corrected which produced sporadic 'bind' error messages when editing personal training items.

o Data Exchange: Fixed bug - member import did not set billing relationships between members, when indicated.

o Expert: Fixed bug - corrected some errors which could occur when configuring expert profit centers and subscription notes.

o Front Counter: Can now split payment in the point of sale between credit card types unless you are configured to transmit credit card payments electronically within Fitness Manager.

o Front Counter: When checking in the first member of the day, it would not get initially populated into the 'current check-ins' list until subsequent check-ins were entered.

o Front Counter: Fixed bug - Check-in screen only displayed images associated with the check-in member's active dues services and did not display images associated with service areas for the member's membership type.

o Front Counter: Fixed bug - Status alert display that can be brought up from check-in screen did not show the status reason or comments.

o Front Counter: Fixed bug - Some of the date fields which are available as configurable display fields for the check-in, were not being displayed with the proper values on the check-in screen.

o Front Counter: Fixed bug - Under some unusual conditions, the check-in options displays could show individal visit units being available as check-in options, but disable the ability to select a visit check-in.

o General: Added support for processing retail credit card transactions using Payfuse. This requires getting a Payfuse account and, within the Configuration module, setting up the Payfuse account information within the 'Aphelion Transaction Processing' tab in the Financial Account settings. As part of these settings, you need to indicate whether your account accepts 'card present' transactions (this is a new setting).

Contact the Aphelion sales group for more information on Payfuse and our transaction processing services.

o General: Added new access setting to determine if an employee is limited in specifying the maximum guest period in days based on the setting with the Configuration module. If logged-in employee has the checkbox checked which is labeled as 'Remove restriction on maximum guest period', no limit is applied.

o General: Added new access setting to restrict the operation to 'Delete scanned member documents'.

o General: Added new 'Invalid mailing address' checkbox field to customer record. This field is used to manually mark a member record as having an invalid address. Support has been added to set this field within the batch change utility and to filter against it using the 'standard member filters'. Members for whom this checkbox is checked will be excluded from generating printed statement and decline notification billings.

o General: Fixed bug: Receipts did not print properly from the 'Add Invoice' display; this was a regression as of release 4.13.

o General: Fixed bug: Plain paper output for Z-out report had a fixed paper size specified, which caused problems when printing on A4 paper.

o General: Fixed bug: The printed output for the plain paper receipt format did not provide half-inch margins which causes problems on some printers. The margins for this report have now been increased.

o General: Fixed bug: The members 'standard filters' dialog generated an invalid filter expression when unchecking the 'Limit to members including in mailings' checkbox, resulting in an error when running any associated report or process.

o General: The report printed from member account status screen has been reworked to improve performance. It now limits the listed charge details to unpaid charges when the 'Show unpaid charges only' checkbox is checked on the account status screen. An bug was also corrected in this report - it lists unapplied payments and previously did not reflect the proper receipt numbers for these transactions.

o General: Improved handling of 'NULL' date values when using the member 'Standard filters' dialog to select a subset of members. NULL values are typically treated as undefined values. If a date field is left blank, it is usually stored as a NULL value in your database. The modified behavior in the filters dialog is as follows:

- If both the start and end dates in a range are blank and the 'Outside range' box is unchecked, the filter will only pass NULL values.
- If both the start and end dates in a range are blank and the 'Outside range' box is checked, the filter will only pass NOT NULL values.
- If the start date is blank and the end date is not and the 'Outside range' box is unchecked, the program will pass either dates within the range or NULL date values.
- If the start date is blank and the end date is not and the 'Outside range' box is checked, the program will pass dates within the range and exclude NULL date values.

For example, the program treats a blank contract expiration date as a membership which will not expire. If you would like to identify members with a blank expiration date using the standard filters dialog, set both the starting and ending expiration dates to a blank value and check the 'Outside range' checkbox.

o General: Added new access setting to restrict bypassing the transmission of credit card transactions. This optional restriction only applies if you are configured to transmit credit card sales. The program has the capability to bypass the transmission and complete the sale. This new switch, if set, can remove that capability. The new setting is located in teh access settings dialogs under the 'POS' tab.

o General: Added support for Welch Allyn signature capture pads, models 1500 and 3100. There is now a Configuration module setting (under 'Station'/'Hardware' menu) to specify which type of signature capture pad, if any, is installed.

o General: Added support for enhanced printing of strip receipts, including printing a graphic at the top of the receipt. This new strip receipt format requires specific printer models. Contact Aphelion for more information.

o Reports: Added a new utility which allows adjusting due dates for selected invoices. One intended use for this utility is adjusting 'pre-sales' membership invoices for a delayed opening. The utility appears under the menu of 'Utilities/Accounting/Shift invoice due dates'.

o Reports: Added enrollment counts to 'Class Listing' report.

o Reports: Added support for setting several new fields in member batch change utility: 'Bank account type', 'Do not mail to this member', and 'Mailing address is invalid'.

o Reports: Fixed bug - The 'Station Cash Drawer' 'Print Zout' and 'Print Detail' reports sometimes erroneously applied a club filter.

o Reports: Added a report to list credit card transactions processing using Payfuse. The report is under the menu item of 'Account/EFT/Payfuse transactions'.

o Reports: In the 'Memorized Member Spreadsheet' report, added status effective and ending date as output fields.

o Reports: In the 'Gross Receivables' accounting report, added additional columns to display the total of charges due to date and the unapplied payments. Previously, this report had subtotals based on grouping by membership type. The grouping is now optional and can be selected from a number of different fields (home club, status, etc).

o Reports: In the 'A/R Snapshot' report, when aging details are printed, now display additional columns for 'Total Due' and 'Remaining Payments'. The 'Total Due' column reflects the sum of charges posted on or prior to the specified 'as of' date and due through that date less the sum of all payments posted on or prior to the 'as of' date (and up to the sum of the charges). The 'Remaining Payments' reflects any payments through the 'as of' date that would not be applied against the charges due through the 'as of' date.

There was also a bug fixed in this report: it did not include charges from invoices posted on the 'as of' date, but now does.

o Reports: Fixed bug - under some conditions 'Earned/Deferred Training' report would only list services and 'Earned/Deferred Visits' report would only list training products.

o Reports: The utility to cancel expired members now has a button to print the listed members.

o Reports: Fixed bug - 'Members for Status' and 'Member for Status by Club' reports always evaluated the status as of the current date rather then using the setting which also allows evaluating the status as of the ending value in the specified effective date range.

o Reports: Fixed bug: The 'Cash Income by Membership Type' report would reverse the sign on calculating tax contributions on negative payments.

o Reports: A number of receivable reports ('All Receivables', 'Current Receivables', etc) did not report the proper value for the 'Account Balance' column when the input field 'Apply open payments against charges' was checked. This was a recent regression and is now corrected.

o Reports: The interface for the 'Add Charges' utility has been rewritten to provide a preview list where individual members entries can be deselected from processing.

o Reports: 'Enrollments by Class' report now allows selecting a subset of classes to include.

o Reports: Enhanced 'Prospect Call List' report by adding the salesperson to the output and allowing filtering by specified salespersons.

o Reports: Fixed bug - The 'Voided Invoices' report only listed tax and not product line items. It also reported invalid grand totals.

o Reports: Fixed bug - 'List Employee Timeclock' records report did not display the correct 'type' (clock-in or clock-out).

o Reports: Added ability to filter charges based on whether they are paid or not in 'Charges by Date' and 'Charge Sums by Club' reports.

o Reports: The 'Charges by Date' report now has an option to filter the results based on selected income accounts. If this option is selected, the listed 'charge amounts' will be based on the actual charge amounts prorated by the sum of the invoice detail amounts matching the selected accounts divided by the invoice total. This reflects the fact that an invoice can include multiple lines items, each with an associated account. A charge associated with an invoice must be considered across all the invoice's line items.

o Reports: Added new report: 'Member Lifecycles'. This report presents some summary data related to member 'lifecycles'. For members that are not cancelled, the report lists a count and the average number of days from the members' join dates through today. For cancelled members, the report lists a count and the days from joining until the cancellation was effective. The report takes a specification of a range of join dates to examine the members for along with the regular member filtering criteria. The new report is found under the 'Members', 'Memberships', 'Lifecycles' menu entry.

o Reports: Fixed bug - the 'Inventory Value' report showed a $0 'FIFO value' for products with negative quantities on-hand. The updated version now calculates the value in this case based on the last recorded cost entry for the product.

Also, modified how this report works when run for multiple clubs. It now calculates the values on a per club basis and sums the relevant fields to provide totals. Previously, the report would calculate the values based on all included clubs at once. This could lead to some misleading values where the sum of individal club totals (running the report a club at a time) would not always match the earlier version's reported totals when run for entire group of clubs at one time. This change primarily effects the 'FIFO value' calculation.

o Sales: When rejecting a contract, if invoices are posted against that contract, the operator is given an option to void the invoices.

o Sales: When selecting a existing customer as the primary member on a contract, the program now alerts the operator if that customer is the primary member for an existing, unapproved contract.

o Sales: Now supports transmission of credit card sales via ICVerify, when this is configured.

o Sales: The sales module now posts invoices when creating a new contract, rather then at the time of approval. For existing, unapproved contracts, created with earlier versions, the program posts invoices when the contract is next edited and changes are posted (ususally when approving the contract). Once invoices have been created, changes to the contract that effect amounts are restricted.

o Sales: Fixed bug - The sales module was sets family member join and effective dates consistent with the primary members.

o Sales: When selling a 'paid in full' contract, the program no longer forces the service payment schedules to 'single-charge' schedules. This allows clients to set up the resulting invoices charges to a schedule that can be used for earned/deferred reporting. However, a paid in full contract is always treated as due at the time of sale, regardless of the services' associated payment schedules.

o Sales: Fixed bug - Electronically storage of contract documents could corrupt the document under some circumstances due to the type of data field we were saving the document to. The updated software now uses a different field type for the document software, preventing this from occuring for newly stored documents.

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