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Version 4.14c (database version 1.093) - 08/29/2003

Official Release Notes for V4.14c of Aphelion

o Billing: Added additional sub-reports to billing 'preview' summary report: by charge aging group and by member form of payment.

o Data Entry: For inventory products, can now set club-specific values for quantity at which to alert low-inventory levels.

o Data Entry: Added capability to look up United Kingdom address information from postal codes. This facility requires licensing a 3rd-party package: Address Management System from Arc en Ciel Ltd (http://www.arcenciel.co.uk/). The validation is only triggered when the regional settings, set in the Windows control panel, has the country set to United Kingdom and the address package is installed on the local PC. In this case, in the member editing screen the address-related fields are re-arranged with the postal code as the initially entered field. Entering a postal code when the first address field is empty (or pressing the lookup button adjacent to the postal code field) triggers a lookup for the address information and populates the screen fields. This facility is implemented in both the main member editing screen in Data Entry as well as in the 'quick-add' member form. It is also implemented in the Marketing module. To use it in quick-add, select the 'Address Block' field to enter your member address values rather than the individual address fields.

o Front Counter: Fixed bug - Corrected several regression since version 4.13 in reprinting receipts where the tax and subtotal values were not printed properly.

o Front Counter: Fixed bug - batch check-in function was not recording check-ins.

o Front Counter: Fixed bug - if the last item in a sale was not taxed, tax was not properly represented in the generated invoice data if any taxes were involved.

o Front Counter: Fixed bug - Check-in was not enforcing membership restrictions for areas.

o Front Counter: Fixed bug - When printing the report for a month of appointments for a single schedule item, the program would lock up.

o Front Counter: Fixed bug - When adding an appointment in the monthly view for a single schedule item, the monthly calendar would not refresh its display.

o General: Added new access setting to restrict service-addon terms and dues price changes in the sales module. The value of the new setting has been defaulted from the setting for allowing contract discounts past the limit prescribed in the plan.

o General: Fixed bug - some clients experienced a problem with image capture which would cause programs to fail when attempting to save the image.

o Reports: Added a new report to list credit memos which are partially or totally unapplied, under menu of 'Account/Transactions/Unapplied Credit Memos'.

o Reports: The 'Inventory Listing' and 'Inventory to Reorder' reports now are limited to a single club and reflect club-specific values (if set at the club level) for pricing and record alert threshold.

o Reports: Re-implemented recently added 'Earned/Deferred Charges' report. The report now provides a summary on a member basis rather than on an invoice basis. 'Earned charges' are calculated from all charges posted on or prior to the specified ending date due within the specified date range. Deferred charges are those due after the ending date but posted prior to it. If an included invoice is voided, but was voided after the ending date it is still included in the report's calculations.

o Reports: Fixed bug - 'Accrual Sales Tax' report would fail with an error when the report inputs did not indicate grouping by invoice category.

o Sales: Can now sort and search list of member contracts by agreement number. Also, when sorting this list by membership plan, a search field is now provided for locating entries for a plan.

o Sales: Fixed bug - Corrected an error which could occur when printing a contract document immediately after generating and storing the document.

o Sales: Fixed bug - The merge keyword for total contract reccuring dues (@CONT:Recurring Dues Total@) was always evaludated a $0 when generating a contract document prior to approval.

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