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Version 4.14b (database version 1.090) - 07/24/2003

Official Release Notes for V4.14b of Aphelion

o Billing: Added 'summary' reports which are available from the 'preview' screens when generating dues postings and billings.

o Billing: Can now optionally specify a minimum billing amount for a billed member as part of the billing process. As an example of how this may be used, this allows you to avoid printing statements for members where the amount owed is under the overhead costs of printing and mailing a statement. If a minimum amount is specified as part of the billing settings, any members who would otherwise be billed, are excluded from the billing preview, but are listed in 'validation warnings' display.

o Billing: Fixed bug - When printing draft checks, the output would never go beyond the first 20 billing entries.

o Billing: Updated Singapore HSBC, Singapore AMEX and Singapore bank billing export formats.

o Front Counter: The employee timeclock interface has been slightly altered to prevent employees from fraudulently clocking-in at an earlier time. The prior interface froze the default clock-in time when the dialog was opened, allowing another employee to open the screen prior to the clocking-in employee's return from a break. When the returning employee entered his or her password, the timeclock record was then registered with the earlier time. The new interface no longer allows this behavior.

o Front Counter: Fixed bug: Corrected a regression from release 4.14 in the point of sale where taxes are not recalculated when a manual discount is applied or when an item is set to return status.

o General: Member barcodes can now be up to 18 characters in length.

o General: In 'standard member filters' used to filter many member reports, added the capability to filter against the sum of active dues services for members.

o General: Added new access setting to restrict making price changes in the point of sale. The value of the new setting has been defaulted from the setting for applying POS discounts.

o General: Added initial support for validating United Kingdom sort codes and account numbers. The current implementation requires licensing a 3rd-party package: Account Checker from Access Europe (www.access-europe.com). The validation is only triggered when the regional settings, set in the Windows control panel, has the country set to United Kingdom, and the valac32.dll and valac.dat files from the Account Checker package are available in the Fitness Manager program directory. The following validations are performed: (1) Sort code when entering banks (if draft billing format is set to WinBACS), (2) Checking of sort code and bank account combination in adding members where they are set to bank draft form of payments, and (3) Checking of sort codes and sort code/bank account combination when generating the WinBACS bank draft billing output.

o General: Added new access setting to restrict changing member barcodes. The value of the new setting has been defaulted from the setting for changing member non-billing information.

o Reports: Can now select 'email' as a field to change in the 'Batch change member fields' utility. While it would normally be unusual to set a number of members to the same email address, this allows an easy way to set invalid email addresses to a blank value (the 'Check Required Member Info' utility can identify and tag members with invalid email addresses).

o Reports: The interface for the 'Batch Change Member Dues' utility has been rewritten to provide a preview list where individual members entries can be deselected from processing. The new implementation also provides a report and the revised inputs provide additional flexibility.

o Reports: In 'Member Receivable' reports, made adjustment in how open payments are reflected in the results. If the report settings indicate open payments should be 'applied', a separate column is not displayed for open payments, but the open payments are used to reduce any aging charge balances and the account balance reflects the remaining open payments. If the report settings indicate that open payments should not be 'applied', the change balances and account balance do not reflected open payments and the member open payments totals are displayed in a separate report column.

o Reports: The interface for the 'Apply Late Fees' utility has been rewritten to provide a preview list where individual members entries can be deselected from processing.

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