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version 4.62 (database version 1.169) - 01/06/2006

Official Release Notes for V4.6.2 of Aphelion

Please note (if currently using a version earlier than 4.61)): Before updating to V4.62 you will need to go to Reports - Employee - Phone List and print this report to get a copy of every employee's Barcode ID as they will need to enter this as their User Name for module logins in the new version along with their password.

o Billing: The utility to \'Update member status based on balance\' has been updated to change the criteria applied when the option to \'include related secondary members\' is applied. Previously, with this option set, the program would look for secondary members billed to the primary members meeting the club, status and balance filters, where the secondary members also satisfied the club, status and balance filters. The revised logic no longer applies the balance criteria to the secondary members.

o Billing: When processing a billing using auto-transmission to Gulf Payments, the program now immediately posts the billing history updates to the database after receiving confirmation that the file was received by Gulf Payments and notifies the operator of the transfer ID value after the history is updated.

o Billing: For draft billing using the Aphelion format, added validation logic to reject any credit card billing entries where the card numbers do not resolve to the following card types: Master Card, Visa, Amex, Diners Club, Carte Blanche, Discover, JCB.

o Billing: For draft billing using either the Aphelion or ACH formats, the billing process now performs US-based validation of bank routing numbers regardless of the value of the Configuration setting labeled as \'Check for valid US route numbers and do not bill invalid entries\'.

o Billing: When processing billing returns, the program can conditionally apply \'NSF Fees\' based on configured values for the billing format and decline reasons. The program now adds any applicable taxes to the generated NSF Fees based on the tax settings for the NSF Fee product that is set for processing the returns.

o Billing: For the \'New member declines\' report, added the ability to apply the standard member filters against the report results.

o Billing: Added preliminary support for handling additional United Kingdom BACS draft billing returns formats. The software now supports the XML-based ARUDD (Automated Return of Unpaid Direct Debits) and ADDACS (Automated Direct Debit Amendment & Cancellation Service) file formats. Both these formats, as well as the previously implemented flat file BACS format, use the return code settings that are configured with the \'BACS\' draft file format.

o Billing: Added a new utility, \'Members without dues posted from presets\', under the \'Validation\' submenu. This utility is similar to the \'members not billed from presets\' utility and provides a mechanism to determine why members are not getting dues posted for a selected set of dues posting presets.

o Billing: Fixed bug - When printing a non-simplified email statement, the \'beginning balance\' would not always reflect the correct value.

o Billing: For Personal Ticket Capture credit card billing format, added last and first name fields to the end of the transaction records. This change was made in V3 in 2001, but was previously missing in V4.

o Capture: Added a utility to delete any unreferenced picture files. To run this utility, select the \'Utilities\' and \'Delete unreferenced image files\' menu entry.

o Collections: A number of changes have been made to the main browse screen to display collections. The tabs to sort the list of displayed members have been removed and the more flexible sorting approach based on clicking on the list\'s column headings has been implemented.

Also, the switch to determine whether the account balances are displayed in the list, has been removed. These account values are now always displayed. However, to accommodate a larger number of \'sort-able\' fields within the list, the balance and last payment date are now only displayed for the currently highlighted customer, under the list.

o Collections: Added cell phone and date of birth fields to the member editing screen used in the Collections module.

o Configuration: The financial account settings for the ACH bank draft format now allow more control over configuring the value for the 10 character \'Immediate Origin\' field, which is embedded in positions 14 to 23 of the ACH file header record. The value for this field is typically entered as a 9 digit IRS tax id number. In this case, the 9 digit value is placed in the file with a proceeding \'1\' character at position 14. In some cases, clients may need to enter a 9 digit route number here. For that scenario, position 14 in the file should have a blank.

Previous versions of Aphelion allowed entering a 10 character value for the \'Immediate Origin\'. If a value was entered that was 9 characters or less, the program would automatically place a \'1\' in position 14 of the file header record, followed by the entered value. If the configured value was 10 characters, the program would embed the entered value starting from position 14.

The new version allows entering the character for position 14 as a separate field, labeled as \'Immediate Origin Type\'. The following 9 characters are entered in a second field as \'Your Origin (tax-id)\'. This change will not impact existing financial account settings and your ACH files will be generated as they have been previously.

o Configuration: Added the ability to create a new set of access defaults by copying values from an existing set.

o Configuration: When configuring a serial port barcode reader, added a simple ability to test if the device reads are functioning.

o Configuration: Added a new email-related setting which specifies a special email address that \'bounced\' emails should be directed to. This can be used to redirect any returned emails to a different address from which they are sent for. If you would prefer to have bounced emails return to the sending address, leave this value blank. This setting is located under the \'Corporate\' and \'General Information\' menu entries and within the resulting dialog\'s \'Email\' tab.

o Data Entry: Added combination field to locker settings.

o Data Entry: From \'Locker Administration\' screen, added the ability to view the rental history for the highlighted locker entry (\'Rental History\' button).

o Data Entry: Added the ability to print a report from the display of a member\'s locker rentals.

o Data Entry: Added a new customer field, \'Email is invalid\', which takes a TRUE or FALSE value using a checkbox entry. This field is available as a query field in the member \'Query Wizard\' function.

When this field is checked for a member (or the email address is blank or the checkbox for \'Do not email\' is set), the batch email function in the Reports module will always exclude that member.

When this field is checked for a member and you attempt to generate an email statement in the Billing module, the billing or notification function will generate a validation warning and exclude that member.

o Data Exchange: Added the ability to import transactions from BookingPlus, using the BookingPlus version 1.4 file format for \'Payment Transaction Interface to Point of Sale/Club Accounting systems\'. Use the menu item under \'Import\', \'3rd-Party\', and \'transactions from BookingPlus\' to execute this.

o Front Counter: Added a new option for configurable check-in fields: \'Points Balance\'. If selected, this will display the check-in member\'s current loyalty points balance.

o Front Counter: Added a new option for configurable check-in fields: \'Occupation\'. If selected, this will display the check-in member\'s occupation.

o Front Counter: Added a new alert to the front counter check-in. If the check-in member is billed to another member for account balances, the responsible member\'s current status is checked and alerted on.

o Front Counter: In the point of sale, no longer consider membership-type based pricing or automatic discounts for members with \'Terminated\' current status.

o Front Counter: In the point of sale, if the payment does not involve cash and results in a positive change amount, the program now prompts the attendant to verify the change amount. This is intended to help prevent incorrect amount entries.

o Front Counter: Fixed bug - when adding a member to an existing invoice introduces pricing changes, the program now properly recalculates taxes.

o General: The handling of the \'priority\' setting for customers has been changed. Previously, this was strictly a numeric field, limited in range from 0 to 9. The program now handles this as a lookup entry from a configurable list, similar to billing cycles, membership types, etc.

The list of priority values is now set within the Configuration module under the menu entry of \'Member\' and \'Priorities\'. A priority list entry consists of a description and a numeric value. The numeric value can now range from 0 to 9999. With this update, entries to the priority list were automatically added to your database matching any existing priority values that already existed in your customer records. The descriptions for these auto-created entries were assigned as \'Priority\' followed by the priority value. You can modify the descriptions and add new entries as desired. The program will not allow deleting a priority list entry if that entry is currently assigned to any customer records.

Displays and reports that previously displayed the priority numeric value will now typically display the description, instead.

The \'Priority\' customer query wizard expression, which allowed querying on the numeric priority field, is now labeled as \'Priority Value\'. A new query expression, named \'Priority Description\', has been added to allow querying by the priority description field.

o General: Added a new employee access setting specific to editing the custom field values on the main member editing form. The new setting allows control over whether an employee can edit these custom values or is limited to viewing them or has no access at all. Access to these fields were previously controlled by the setting for member \'Non-billing information\' and the value of the new setting will be defaulted from the employee\'s corresponding value for non-billing access.

o General: The \'Receive Payment\' window, which allows accepting a payment, includes the ability to alter the post date of the payment. The capability to change the post date is now only enabled if the logged-in employee has access enabled to the \'Receive payments (detailed interface)\'.

o General: The \'Payment Details\' display now shows the total amount paid with a separate field displayed for the change amount, rather then simply showing the net payment. For example, if a $7 payment was made with a $10 check, the updated display would show the amount as $10 and the change as $3. The old version would simply show the amount as $7.

o General: In the logic used to validate US Bank Route numbers, added a test which would consider any route numbers beginning with a \'5\' as invalid.

o General: Added ability to print report from display of member appointments.

o General: Added support for capturing a member image from the customer \'Quick-Add\' editing function. Configure this dialog to include the \'Capture Image\' field to include this.

o General: The \'Get Payments\' function now supports using gift cards as a payment method. This only applies when the program is configured to \'track\' gift cards.

o General: Previously the program only performed conflict checking against existing locker rentals when adding a new locker rental. Logic has now been added to also perform checking when editing an existing rental. If a conflict is detected, the program display details of the conflict and allows the user to choose to save the rental as is or edit the settings.

o General: Fixed bug - the \'Quick Add\' form would leave a \'junk\' record behind if the form was exited by pressing Escape or clicking on the window button (\'red X\') instead of clicking on the \'Cancel\' button.

o General: Fixed bug - within the \'Quick Add\' form, the document scanning feature failed to save the document.

o General: Added additional error handling in processing Payfuse transactions.

o General: Added support for recognizing and validating Switch, Solo, Delta, Maestro, and Activa credit card types.

o Member Services: When approving a change request for a member last or first name, the program examines the member\'s \'Display Name\' value to see if the name change can be mapped to the display value. If the display name matches a pattern such as \', \' or \' using the original name values, the program will now update the display name value with the new name. For example, if \'John Doe\' has a change request approved for \'John\' to be replaced with \'Jack\', and the display name value is \'Doe, John\', the display name will automatically get updated to \'Doe, Jack\'.

o Member Services: Added support for setting which change request fields are to be \'auto-approved\'. The fields that are configured as auto-approved, have the changes applied when the corresponding change request is entered. To set these fields, select the \'Setup\' and \'Change Requests\' menu entries from the main menu.

o Reports: Added a new report, \'Locker Listing\', which provides a listing of lockers including the location, type, size, locker number and combination.

Also, the \'Assigned Lockers\' report has been generalized to list optionally list assigned (rented) lockers, available lockers, or both. To reflect the new capability, this report has been renamed as the \'Locker Status\' report. It maintains all the capabilities of the prior version of this report.

o Reports: Added a new report showing remaining personal training units that are expiring over a specified range of dates, grouped by member. The equivalent report for visit units has also been added.

o Reports: The \'Members affiliated with a group\' report now has an additional filtering capability to specify an equality and quantity against the number of members in a group. The member count is based on the members associated with the group that meet the specified member filter settings. This added ability allows, for example, listing only groups where there are 100 or more members with a non-cancelled current status.

o Reports: Added the \'purchaser\' to the fields listed in the \'Gift Card Redemption Rate\' report. Also, the user can now select whether the output of this report is sorted by gift card ID, issue date, or purchaser and in ascending or descending order.

o Reports: \'Gift Card Liability\' report did not consider the gift card expiration dates when calculating the \'as of balance\' values. The logic has been modified to show the value as zero when the expiration date is on or before the specified \'as of\' date.

o Reports: Added the \'purchaser\' to the fields listed in the \'Gift Card Liability\' report.

o Reports: Fixed bug - the \'Inventory Activity\' report did not reflect activity occurring on the closing date in calculating the closing balance, resulting in an incorrect closing balance if there was any sales or restocking activity on that date.

o Reports: Fixed bug - under some conditions, the \'Paid and Deferred Sales\' report could result in a \'string or binary data truncation\' error.

o Reports: Added the ability to limit the results of the \'Personal Training Usage by Member\' report for specified training products.

o Reports: The \'Add Late Fees\' and \'Add Charges to Members utilities have been consolidated into a single more flexible utility, labeled using the later name. The new version adds the facility to post credit amounts and the optional filtering criteria against member charges and now allows specifying more complex balance equalities.

o Reports: Combined cash and accrual versions of \'Sales by Salespersons\' reports into a single menu entry. Also added the ability to generate a summary of this report on an income account level (per salesperson) and to filter the results by selected income accounts.

o Reports: In the \'Member Billing Relationships\' report, added an option to limit listed relationships to where the primary and secondary members have different last names.

o Reports: The \'Member Billing Relationships\' report allows applying the \'standard member filters\' to limit the resulting output. Previously, the logic would use the set of members these filters specified to get the list of primary members and then would list the related secondary members. In this new update, these filters are now more flexibly applied against primary and secondary members. The filters are evaluated to produce a list of members. The report then derives all relationships that include these members in a primary or secondary role.

You can still apply the filters to limit the list as the prior version did (apply filters against primary members). To accomplish this, in the standard filters dialog, on the \'Fields\' tab, set both the \'Dues Billing Responsibility\' and the \'Account Billing Responsibility\' to \'Self\'.

o Reports: Improved the flexibility in specifying the report filtering criteria for remaining units in the \'Members with Remaining Visit Units\' and \'Members with Remaining Personal Training Units\' reports. The improvement includes the capability to list members with zero remaining units.

o Report: The \'Employee Certifications\' and \'Certifications by Employee\' reports now exclude employees that are not marked as \'active\'.

o Reports: Added the ability to export the results of the \'Enrollments by Class\' report to a delimited file.

o Reports: Added option to the \'Purge Terminated Members\' utility to further limit the listed members based on a specified maximum value for the contract expiration date.

o Reports: Added option to the \'Payments by Attendant\' report to select a subset of employees to return the results for.

o Reports: Added support for the following fields in the \'Batch Change Customer Fields\' utility: \'Do not email\', \'Do not phone\', and \'Invalid email\'.

o Reports: In the \'Sales by Product\' and the \'Product Sales by Member\' reports, added the ability to filter the results based on a tagged set of products.

o Reports: Fixed bug - In the Customer spreadsheet and report wizard functions, the field formally labeled as \'Contract Start\' was relabeled to \'Effective Date\' to be consistent with it\'s labeling within the Data Entry module and the query wizard function.

o Reports: Fixed bug - the \'Members Checked-in using Visit Units\' report was not applying the member club filtering.

o Reports: Fixed bug - the \'Check-out History by Member\' report did not apply the specified member filters.

o Reports: Fixed bug - the \'Product Sales by Member\' report was intended to sort by member, but was not always doing so.

o Sales: Added support for using gift cards as a form of payment when selling contracts. This only applies when the program is configured to \'track\' gift cards.

o Sales: Increased the number of digits that can be entered in the amount fields within plan service add-ons.

o Sales: Fixed bug - when selecting a membership plan to create a contract, the preview pricing displayed on the plan selection screen used the \'first family member\' pricing to calculate values for additional family members. It is now corrected to calculate secondary family pricing based on the \'other family member\' pricing settings.

o Sales: When creating a contract from a terms or a terms with rollover membership plan, the expiration date value now editable. The expiration date is defaulted from the fixed term of the contract (the enforceable months and the extension months) offset from the effective date. The program restricts the range the date can be edited based on the defaulted expiration date value, and within the first of the prior month to the first of the next month from that date. For example, if the expiration date gets defaulted to September 15 2005, the program would allow editing values between August 1st and October 1st 2005.

o Sales: Added a new checkbox setting when entering a contract to indicate of the contract is commissionable. This will be defaulted as checked and remains editable after a contract is approved. Editing this field requires the attendant have access enabled to the \'Approve contracts\' security setting.

This flag can be used in filtering various contracts-related reports. All existing contracts are defaulted as commissioned except for rejected contracts.

o Sales: The employee access setting to restrict changing the payment schedule for a contract service was not being enforced.

o Sales: Fixed bug - when generating list of members for printed contracts, the member list was sorted backwards. This resulted in listing secondary members before the primary member.

o Sales: Fixed bug - When creating a contract which allows adjusting the \'free extension\' months in the terms portion, the contract expiraton date was not getting updated when the extension months were adjusted. This regression in the logic occured when the expiration date field was made an editable value (after the last desktop release of version 4.61). The new logic reacts to a change in the extension months by recalculating the expiration date based on the contract effective date, the number of months in the terms, and the extension months. If proration is involved, the date is then further adjusted to the next terms proration base date.

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