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Version 4.63 (database version 1.174) - 03/30/2006

Official Release Notes for V4.6.3 of Aphelion

o Billing: The plain paper statement is printed with Spanish headings when the user\'s regional control panel settings specify a Spanish language.

o Billing: Fixed bug - the declines processing did not post updates for the BACS ARUDD billing returns format. This format is used in the United Kingdom.

o Collections: Now apply the employee access switches specific to editing or viewing member billing and responsibility information into the member editing dialog used in the Collections module.

o Configuration: Added a new status type attribute, labeled as \'Billable\' This field is checked as on or off and is primarily intended for use with the new Aphelion Workflow package. All existing status types will have this value defaulted as checked. The billing process will not be affected whether a status type has the Billable field checked or not. A customer query wizard expression has been added, labeled \'Billable Status\', has been added which evaluates a member\'s current status and examines the billable attribute associated with that status type.

o Data Entry: Added new customer fields: Home Phone is invalid\' and \'Cell Phone is invalid\'. These are checkbox fields that are primarily intended for use with the Aphelion phone dialer program - \'Chatterbox\'. Query Wizard expressions have been added for these 2 fields to allow performing ad-hoc queries against their values.

o Data Entry: Added a \'Notes\' field to locker entries.

o Data Entry: Fixed bug - when adding a prospect customer record, the membership type selection was not defaulting to the configured default membership type for prospects.

o Data Exchange: Added an option to the BookingPlus transaction import which, when set, always assigns the imported charges and payments to the account-responsible party of the associated member.

o Data Exchange: Added member expiration date and current status as output columns in the export file for FitLinxx. If the member is set to \'renew to open end\', the expiration date is output as a blank value.

o Front Counter: In the point of sale, now defer printing the receipt until after the database is updated.

o Front Counter: The check-in logic would previously determined allowed regular check-in areas for a member by evaluating the allowed areas based on the member\'s membership type. The revised logic now also considers an area as allowed if the service also has the dues attribute and it is marked as an active dues service for that member.

o General: Added the ability to specify a class as \'scheduled daily\'. If this option is selected, all enrollments are set to a specific date and the member is only considered enrolled for that class on that date.

o General: Within the \'Quick Add\' member form, added the \'This is a debit card\' checkbox to the fields displayed when the credit card related columns are included in the form.

o General: Added a new member query wizard expression, \'Last Note Date\', which is used to query against the last date a note was added for a member.

o General: In the accounting function to add a credit memo, exposed the ability to edit the club which the credit memo invoice and optional refund payment are assigned. The assigned club is defaulted to the member\'s home club, consistent with the prior behavior of this function.

o General: The \'custom amount\' fields, when printed in form letters, are now formatted to match how they are displayed when edited with two decimal places.

o Marketing: Fixed bug - the \'Call Back\' report was not applying the \'employee\' filter.

o Reports: Added a new utility to print barcode labels for any type of product, under the menu item of \'Utilities\' and \'Product Barcode Labels\'. This is very similar to the already existing Reports function to print inventory barcode labels, but allows selecting any product type and limits the printing to a specified quantity of labels per item.

o Reports: Added filtering against member home clubs in \'Gift Card Liability\' report, based on selected home clubs.

o Reports: Added new output fields to the \'Member Spreadsheet Wizard\': \'Account Resp. Party Barcode\', \'Account Resp. Party Name\', \'Dues Resp. Party Barcode\', and \'Dues Resp. Party Name\'.

o Reports: Fixed bug - the section of the \'Sales Summary\' report which details invoice voids did not always reflect all of the voided invoices over the specified period.

o Reports: Added a new checkbox option to the \'Sales by Salesperson\' report, labeled as \'Do not calculate commissions against contract proration sales\'. When this item is checked, the program will show commission entries for proration invoices created by the Sales module as $0, regardless of the associated product and salesperson commission entries. The intent is to avoid duplicate commission entries which can be created in the case of \'fixed\' commissions when an additional invoice is created by the Sales module for proration charges.

o Reports: Added a new option for the \'Member Billing Information\' report. The new option is a checkbox labeled as \'Make results reflect selected services only\'. It is only available when selected dues services are specified to filter the listed members for the report output. If the new option is unchecked, the selected dues services are only used to determine which members are included in the report (based on the members having that service). If the new option is checked, the output that is listed in the report is only for the specified services; this includes the \'Dues Total\' values as well as the optional details of dues services which will be listed.

For example, if the selected dues services are set to \'Locker\', only members that have the locker service would be listed. If the new option is unchecked, \'Dues Total\' values would reflect all of the active dues services for the listed members. If details are printed, all active dues services would be listed for the included members. If the option is checked, the \'Dues Total\' values will reflect only the locker services, as would the listed details.

o Reports: The output for the \'Member Billing Relationships\' report now is printed in landscape mode and includes additional fields including next dues post date, billing cycle, and dues total. The report now also offers an option to print the details of the listed members\' dues services.

o Reports: Add the option to export the results of the \'Invoices by Date\' report to a comma-delimited file.

o Reports: In the \'Members with Remaining Visit Units\' and \'Members with Remaining Personal Training Units\' reports, program logic was added so the report would never list member and product combinations for which there are no entries. This applies to the report option to list member and product combinations where the remaining units are \'<= specified threshold\'.

o Reports: For the income by account reports, now split out the sales of gift card products into a separate grouping after the totals.

o Reports: Where the report filtering specifications include a date range where times can also be specified, and an ending time value is specified, the filtering now includes through the end of that specified minute. Previously, the logic would only consider values up to the start of that minute (zero seconds).

If only dates are specified (where the time value is blank or the report filtering dialog only accepts date values), the logic filters results through the end of the specified date. This behavior has not changed.

o Reports: Added the total for freeze dues (not including any applicable taxes) as an output field to both the memorized Customer report and spreadsheet outputs.

o Sales: When approving a contract generated by the AIMS (web-based) \'join online\' function, the program now recognizes the associated down-payments. This is a special case where invoices are not initially created by the web-based function.

o Sales: Changed the logic used to determine the proration period for dues proration. The new logic prorates from the contract effective date to the next occurrance of the proration base date after the effective date. Previously the logic went from the effective date to the next occurrance of the base date after the dues first due date.

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