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Version 4.64 (database version 1.178) - 01/08/2006

Official Release Notes for V4.6.4 of Aphelion

o Billing: When \'duplicating\' a billing file, in some cases the resulting file may be missing some entries due to format-specific validation logic. As an example, if a billing involving credit cards is duplicated using the \'account information\' (credit card numbers) from current member values rather then from billing history, it is possible that some of the current credit card values will fail validation checks resulting in those entries being excluded from the regenerated output. With this update, the program now reports on these excluded entries at the end of the file generation.

o Billing: For the Aphelion draft billing export, added an option to exclude the address information that is normally included with credit card billing transactions.

o Billing: Fixed bug - when printing non-simplified billing statements, the printed details could list more information then was intended. This form of statement is intended to print information related to any charges that are being billed for and due within the specified range of dates for print details as well as any charges paid by payments posted over the print detail range of dates. However, the first set of charges was not being limited to those being billed for; instead it was just limited based on the range of dates. This bug would only have an impact when a limited selection of invoice categories was being billed for and would only effect the contents of the statement.

o Billing: Fixed bug - in the \'process decline\' settings, the setting related to the category assigned to generated payments was improperly grouped with the \'NSF Settings\'.

o Billing: Fixed bug - posting EFT billing updates would produce an error if the payments were assigned to a specified club where the club number value was larger then 255.

o Collections: Within the list of collections members, added a button to access the highlighted member\'s check-in history.

o Configuration: Fixed bug - under some conditions, the values were not saved when setting the allowed service areas for a membership type.

o Data Exchange: Added an option in Booking Plus transaction import to specify a customer entry to receive any transactions which do not have a matching customer (based on the import entry barcode).

o Data Exchange: Fixed bug - Booking Plus transaction import would fail when importing a file without any payment entries.

o Front Counter: When checking-in a member, the program includes an alert related to a \'rejected\' contract. The alert logic has been modified from examining the most recent contract where the check-in member is the primary member to instead looking for the most recent contract where the check-in member is the primary or a secondary member. This now results in alerting on secondary members that are associated with a rejected contract. However, the program will no longer alert in a situation where the check-in memebr was the primary member on a rejected contract but was subsequently set as a secondary member on an approved contract.

o Front Counter : On the \'Prospect Info\' screen, added buttons to display account information, check-in history, and training and visit usage.

o Front Counter: Fixed bug - no longer post multiple enrollments when selling a class where the line item has a quantity of greater then one.

o Front Counter: Added logic to not allow selling products marked as \'inactive\' at the record level or marked as inactive for the \'home club\'. Previously, these products were not listed in the product selection dialog, but could still be sold by directly entering their barcode ID or if they were specified in a point of sale button.

o General: Modified how gift card redemptions are reflected in the accounting system. Instead of posting these redemptions as payments, they are now posted as negative invoices (\'credit memos\'). This more properly reflects that when gift cards are sold, the sale is reflected as a liability and the redemption reduces this liability.

This program update is accompanied by a database update which converts the existing gift card redemption payments into credit memos. A new database field is created to reflect a setting indicating an invoice category to assign these gift card redemption invoices to. The conversion creates a new invoice category, with the description based on the prior setting for the payment category that gift card payments should be assigned. This invoice category setting can be edited within the Configuration module, under the menu of \'Accounting\', \'Account Defaults\' and within the \'Invoice Categories\' tab on the displayed dialog.

o General: Added the ability to set customer fields by reading driver\'s license information via a magnetic strip or a 2 dimensional barcode. The inital support is implemented on the main customer editing screen and from the \'quick-add\' form and is triggered by clicking on the \'Swipe\' button adjacent to the \'Driver\'s License\' data entry field. The following fields can get set from the swipe information, depending on the reader type and the populated values: First Name, Last Name, Middle Initial, address information, Gender, Social Security #, Driver\'s License # and Date of Birth.

o General: When Windows regional settings indicate the Euro currency, all dollar-oriented icons show alternate images featuring the Euro symbol.

o General: Updated many of the screens which used the \'System\' font to use the \'Arial\' font instead. This step was taken in support of displaying the Euro currency symbol, which is not included in the System font.

o General: Fixed bug - when printing a member\'a account status, if the member\'s second address line was populated the output would not include the line reporting on city, state and zipcode.

o General: Fixed bug - when transmitting a credit card refund to Payfuse using the \'negative payment\' function, the parameters would request a post authorization. A post auth is not valid for a Payfuse refund and while the credit may still succeed, the post auth step results in an error message appearing within Fitness Manager.

o General: Added additional error handling for timed-out Payfuse transactions. The program will now automatically attempt to determine the status of the submission upon receiving a time-out error.

o General: The \'Add Invoice\' function previously disallowed creating invoices for prospects. This function will now conditionally allow doing so, based on the proshop configuration switch setting for \'Allow guests/prospects to place charges on-account\'.

o General: Added 2 new member query expressions which are based on data produced by the Sales module:

\'Contract Signatures\': this returns the count of contract signatures captured for the member\'s most current and non-rejected contract. It only returns a value for the primary member in the contract. This query currently only returns a non-zero values for contracts with signatures that are created by the web-based Sales module.

\'Last Contract Sale Date\': this returns the date of a members\'s most current and non-rejected contract. It only returns a value for the primary member in the contract.

For consistency, the existing \'Agreement Status\' member query expression has been renamed to \'Contract Status\'. Like these other 2 Sales module-related member queries, it only returns a value for the primary member in the contract.

o General: Fixed bug - When viewing appointments for a member, the display value for duration was not always correct.

o Reports: For the \'Earned/Deferred Personal Training\' and \'Earned Deferred Visits\' reports, added additional logic to do the following:
1) Avoid showing adjustments created by voids as earned units (previously, these were reflected as earned).
2) Treat expired and unused sales as earned units (previously these were not reflected as earned).

o Reports: Added support for the following fields in the \'Batch Change Customer Fields\' utility: \'Occupation\', \'Promotion\', \'Home Phone is invalid\', and \'Cell Phone is invalid\'.

o Reports: Added an option to the \'Income by Account\' reports (cash and accrual methods) to export the detailed information directly to a delimited file.

o Reports: Fixed bug - \'Payments by Type\' report would exclude certain payments associated with credit memos.

o Reports: In utilities to print member form letters and mailing labels, added an additional filter option which would exclude generating output for members where either the \'Do not mail to this member\' or \'Mailing address is invalid\' attribute is set.

o Reports: Added a gift card sales report under the menu item of \'Products\', \'Gift Cards\' and \'Sales\'.

o Reports: Added ability to filter the \'Employee Phone List\' and \'Employee Mailing Labels\' reports by selected employee departments.

o Reports: Reworked \'Member Statistics\' report to improve performance. Also corrected some bugs related to calculated percentages of totals and the check-in frequency table.

o Reports: Fixed bug - \'Products General Listing\' and \'Inventory General Listing\' reports did not properly display tax rate values of 10% of more.

o Reports: Fixed bug - \'Inventory to Reorder\' report did not list correct values for last reorder dates.

o Reports: Fixed bug - the Sales Summary report would sometime erroneously report on a subset of the results. This error did not occur reliably and was introduced in a recent release.

o Reports: Added logic to Sales Summary report to apply any club restrictions that the logged-in employee may have.

o Reports: The \'A/R Snapshot\' report has been revised to where the \'Balance\' column is never reduced below a zero amount based on payments in the system.

The \'Balance\' column is now calculated as follows:

Any invoices posted on or before the specified date and \'active\' (not voided) as of the specified date are included in the report. Any associated charges due on or before the specified date contribute to the balance. Charges from these invoices that are due after the specified date contribute to \'Future charges\' (shown when aging details are included in the report). Payments posted on or before the specified date which are active as of that date reduce the balance amount. If the amount of these payments exceed the charges, the balance is shown as a zero amount and the \'Additional Payments\' columns reflects the excess payments.

o Reports: Added support for specifying the label size and positioning (\'User-defined layout\' option) for printing product barcode labels.

o Reports: When using the utility which allows adding loyalty points based on member check-ins, there is a new option which allows calculating the reward based on the number of check-in dates for a member rather then the number of check-ins. With this new option selected, if a member checks in multiple times within a single day, the result only is counted once.

o Reports: Added a utility to post a note to a list of members, under the menu item of \'Utilities\' and \'Batch add member Notes\'.

o Reports: Added an option to the \'Gift Card Liability\' report to perform the club filtering based on the assigned club of the \'issuing\' transactions, as opposed to filtering by the issued member\'s home club.

o Reports: Added \'Age\' (in years) as selectable output columns for the memorized member spreadsheet and report functions.

o Reports: Added ability to filter results by product for cash and accrual income by account reports.

o Reports: Fixed bug - The \'Class Calendar\' report did not apply club filtering.

o Reports: The \'Prospects/Members by Source\' report now allows specifying a filter for the included source types.

o Reports: Fixed bug - \'Inventory Value\' report would still list inventory products that were not active for any clubs specified in the club filtering.

o Sales: Fixed bug - the edited expiration date would not always be reflected in the customer record when the contract was approved.

o Sales: Added logic to test edited values for the \'Payment First Due\' date, set for Terms contracts, against the configured \'Account Close-out\' date. If the edited payment first due date is set to a value which would violate the close-out date setting, the user is warned. Depending on the user\'s access rights, they will get prompted for an alternate employee log-in which allows over-riding the close-out date value. If the access is not available, the program resets the date back to the prior allowed value (the value before the edits).

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