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Version 4.66 (database version 1.188) - 13/03/2007

Official Release Notes for V4.6.6 for CheckFree(Aphelion)

o Billing: For Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) insurance billing, member records are now rejected if the member is not at least 18 years old. Members are also rejected for BCBS insurance billing where no date of birth value is stored in the database.

o Billing: The blling pre-process warnings display and report now includes the member home clubs in the listed information.

o Billing: Fixed bug - when posting dues, where the dues responsibility was split but a limiting amount was not specified (the \'up to\' checkbox is not checked), the logic would incorrectly apply 100% of the dues charges to the responsible party rather then splitting the charges based on the specified percentage.

o Billing: Fixed bug - corrected a recent regression in printing details for simplified statements where the line item details would not print for a charge entry where a payment entry directly followed in the printed list.

o Collections: In the member editing dialog used in the Collections module, added a button to access a subform for editing custom field values.

o Collections: The layout of the \'Members in Collections\' browse screen can now be saved, similar to this functionallity in the \'main member browse in the Data Entry module.

o Data Entry: Fixed bug - corrected an issue which could occur in \'Invoice batch entry\' utility where the party assigned responsibility for a charge may sometime be incorrect. In correcting this issue, the associated report, accessed using the \'Print\' button, has been updated to display the responsibility when it is set to a member other then the originating member.

o Data Entry: Added additional pull-down menu options in \'Search for Members\' to match options offered in \'Browse Members\' function.

o Data Entry: Added 2 new invoice-related alert messages when deleting individual member records.

The first message alerts if there are any charges for this member where the associated invoice originates from another member. If this is the case, the user is given the option whether to re-assign these charges to the originating members, or to allow these charges to revert to pointing to \'Cash Customer\' when the member is deleted (this is the original behavior) or to cancel the delete operation.

The second message alerts if there are any invoice originating from this member where the associated charges are billed to another member. If this is the case, the user is given the option whether to re-assign these invoices to the responsible members, or to allow these invoices to revert to pointing to \'Cash Customer\' when the member is deleted (this is the original behavior) or to cancel the delete operation.

o Data Exchange: Fixed bug - the Booking Plus transaction import would incorrectly pick up some information from prior imports where there was a previously imported matching transaction based on the BookingPlus transaction number.

o General: For enhanced data security, the following 3 types of stored data are now provided special handling in the software: credit card, bank account and social security numbers. The new program behaviors related to these fields are:

- When any previously stored values are displayed, all digits except the last four positions are displayed using a masking character. For example, a bank account value of \'12345678\' would be displayed as \'XXXX5678\'.

- When editing these values, characters can not be inserted or removed; instead the value must be completely retyped in.

- Reports show the masked values for these fields.

- All data exports, with the exception of billing file exports, either no longer include these fields or include the masked values.

- Mail merge output shows the masked values for these fields.

- \'Data Exchange\' module file formats can still import these values, but no longer include them for exports.

A new employee access setting can partially over-ride this new behavior within some member editing screens. The new access switch is labeled as \'View/Edit sensitive member data unmasked\', and is within the \'Member Editing 2\' tab on the access settings dialog. The value for new this access setting is defaulted from the \'Billing Information\' access setting from the same tab. If the \'Billing Information\' switch is set to the value of \'Change\', the new entry will be checked; otherwise it will be unchecked.

If this new setting is checked for an employee, then within the member editing screen, the sensitive fields will not be masked and can be viewed and edited as unmasked values. This applies to the multi-tab member editing screen used in Data Entry, the \'Quick-Add\' screen used in multiple modules, and the one-page member editing screen used primarilly in the Collections module. Other access switches, may over-ride whether these fields fields are accessible at all. For instance, if the Billing information switch is set to None, then the tab with the credit card and bank account numbers will not be accessible, regardless of the new switch\'s value.

o General: When manually voiding a credit memo invoice, the program now has logic to also cancel the associated zero-amount payment that is used to apply this credit memo against positive charges.

o General: Fixed bug - the function to read a driver\'s license card swipe would lock the program up if a partial or invalid swipe was entered.

o Member Services: Applied club restrictions that the logged-in employee may have to viewing, approving and reporting on member change requests. The restrictions are applied against the member home club that is associated with the change requests.

o Member Services: Fixed bug - the report to list \'Change Requests\' would incorrectly set the report title when the report was specified to include approved requests. Only the title was in error and the data was printed corrected.

o Reports: The \'Purge Paid Transactions\' utility performs an iterative process to generate lists of invoices and payments through the specified cutoff date that are completely paid/applied and only involve transactions within the two lists. The maximum number of passes to allow this comparison to converge has been increased from 50 to 70, based on tests against production databases.

o Reports: Added a new option to the \'Reciprocal Check-ins\' report where results can be either grouped by the check-in location and then the member home club or by the member home club and then the check-in location. A filter setting on the check-in club location has also been added.

o Reports: Added logic to the \'Prospect Call List\' report to apply any club restrictions that the logged-in employee may have.

o Reports: Running the \'Member Check-in History by Date\' could produce \'numeric value out of range\' errors under some unusual data conditions.

o Sales: In the \'Salesperson Commissions\' report, added an option to post the listed commission results as entries for the commission module.

o Sales: Membership plans can now be configured to specify the maximum free extension period in terms of months, weeks, or days. Perviously, the period was always specified in number of months.

o Sales: An option has been added to membership plans to allow specifying the first terms payment due date as a fixed date value instead of configuring it as a relative date value. This new option may be useful for setting up pre-sales plans for new facilities.

o Sales: Fixed bug - the specification in the membership plans for setting the recurring dues first due date includes three options as to how to set this date. The wording for one of these options has been changed from \'From terms base date\' to \'From terms first due date\' to be consistent with how it has actually been implemented in the program logic.

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