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Version 4.67 (database version 1,190) - 10/06/2007

Official Release Notes for V4.6.7 for CheckFree(Aphelion)

o Billing: The credit card, bank account are now conditionally masked in the \'Detail Report\' from billing event history report based on the \'View/Edit sensitive member data unmasked\' employee access switch.

o Expert: Fixed bug - Evaluation Class falsely alert \'config the classes\'.

o Billing: Fixed bug - fixed regression from previous release where printing the \'Detail Report\' from billing event history would not show the proper bank account/credit cardaccount values.

o Reports: The credit card, bank account and social security fields are now conditionally masked in the Member Report and Spreadsheet Wizard functions based on the \'View/Edit sensitive member data unmasked\' employee access switch.

o Sales: When editing the salesperson within a contract, the program now checks for employee access using the \'Change salesperson (guests and members)\' switch from the \'Member Editing 2\' tab of the access settings.

o Reports: Added a new gift card report showing gift card redemptions over a range of dates.

In a related change, the gift card liability report has been modified to show gift card liability as of a given date and time. The report now reflects all cards issued on or before the specified date where the card retained a non-zero value as of that date. Previously, this report reported on cards issued over a specified range of dates and reflected their value as of the ending date.

The values calculated from the modified liability report can now be reconcilled with the gift card sales and the new redemption report. To do so, select a starting and ending date. The change in the liability report by running it at the ending date and the starting date should match the difference in amounts over that date range for the sales and redemption reports.

o Billing: Fixed bug - In the billing file generated for the \'Standard for Canadian Payment\' credit card format, the incorrect merchant ID numbers would be printed in the batch footer records.

o Front Counter: Fixed bug - When paying for a transaction using a (\'managed\') gift card redemption, the program would associate the salesperson data with the credit memo invoice associated with the gift card payment instead of against the invoice associated with the product invoice. This would result in incorrect results in the \'Sales by Salesperson\' report. Along with the correction to the program, the database update process includes a SQL script to correct the invalid data produced by this bug.

o Commissions: Added the ability to make adjustments against commission entries. An \'adjustment\' entry includes an adjustment amount, the date of the adjustment and a reason. Multiple adjustment can be made against an individual commission.

All commission-related displays of commission entries now show both an \'original\' and a \'net\' commission amount. The original amount reflects the original commission entry amount. The net amount reflects the original amount and any adjustments against that entry. The commissions module memorized report, spreadsheet and crosstab functions have be reworked to include new-adjustment related fields. The commissions module query function has been similarly re-implemented. Any previously defined definitions for these functions will need to be re-entered.

When cancelling a commissions entry, a new cancellation reason value can be set.

A new report has been added to the commissions module, which allows listing commission entries over a range of dates by club and salesperson. The report shows both the original commission entries and the associated adjustments.

o Data Entry: The display of commissions for a specific member or a specific employee now include the new \'net\' commission amount value (reflecting adjustments) and each also includes an \'Adjustments\' button to display details of adjustments and to create new adjustments.

o Reports: Fixed bug - Fixed a regression where the \'Report Wizard\' report totals did not print.

o Reports: Moved \'Check Required Member Info\' report from Utilities menu area to menu of \'Members\' and \'General\'.

o Reports: In the utility to \'Batch Add Member Notes\', updated the allowed length of the text that can be entered from 500 characters to 2000 characters.

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