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Why is there a monthly fee for my GymBrand App?

Question: I was wondering what the monthly GymBrand App fee covers?

Solution: One big reason that we charge a monthly fee is that unlike many Apps your GymBrand App will not have any advertisements. Advertisements are a way that is used to fund many Apps but they also are a big turn off for your members.

Our low fee covers hosting on secure servers that are regularly backed up and offer very high availablility.

In addition you have access to one of the most advanced and easy to use Content Management Systems (CMS) available. This means you can change the content and even turn on and off features without any additional charges. But if you need help you also have access to our support team.

And, you get unlimited 'Push Notifications' at no extra charge.

It is all about quality, performance, support, reliabilty and functionality.

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